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Ben Hatch

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Best-selling author. Definition of success: “Finishing a book that I’m happy with.”   “Have a back up plan,” Ben Hatch replies when I ask what advice he would offer to someone about to embark on the pursuit of their life-goal. Some of my guests, authors in particular, are appealingly voluble when it comes to offering guidance, giving up whole paragraphs of valuable counsel on the subject of achievement. You could… Continue Reading Ben Hatch

Stephen Coonts

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Best selling author Definition of success: “Be a good person, obey the Golden Rule, and lead a happy life.”   We’re going back a few years, but I was probably in my early teens when I picked out a copy of Flight of the Intruder at my local book shop – selected, no doubt, because it had an enticingly enigmatic front cover: the helmeted face of a jet pilot,… Continue Reading Stephen Coonts

Dean Koontz

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Best-selling author Definition of success: “Taking satisfaction from the work itself, not from what anyone else thinks of it.”     I’ve always resisted the cliché, ‘Today’s guest needs no introduction.’ And there are two reasons for that: for one thing, it’s one of those remarks that needs qualifying, and in so doing I think I’d end up at odds with the aforementioned claim. For another, those who… Continue Reading Dean Koontz

Tess Gerritsen

Fast Facts: Pursuit: International best-selling author. Definition of success: “Doing what you love, and making a living at it.”     She is an international best-seller, winner of the prestigious Nero Wolfe and Rita Awards, and her books have sold more than thirty million copies in forty countries worldwide. In a literary career spanning almost thirty years, she has written in the romantic suspense, medical thriller, science fiction and historical genres,… Continue Reading Tess Gerritsen

C. Stephen Foster

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Actor and writer of stage and screen Definition of success: “Happiness with yourself.”     Movies, webisodes, stand-up, plays, commercials, a book – this guest has done it all. LA Weekly calls his play Legends and Bridge ‘OUTRAGEOUS! One of the bitchiest cat fights this side of Dynasty.’ A comedic actor/writer, he has featured in the indie movies Off Hollywood, Hidden Hills and Expect Delays, and in the… Continue Reading C. Stephen Foster

John Connolly

  Fast facts: Pursuit: Award-winning crime fiction author of more than twenty novels.  Definition of Success: “Contentment.”   Today’s guest is a novelist for whom the term groundbreaking is, for once, appropriate. His crime/supernatural crossover style blazes a trail through the established genres and sets him apart from his contemporaries. Nominated for no less than fourteen awards since his debut novel in 1999, winner of five including the Shamus Award… Continue Reading John Connolly

R.J. Ellory

  Fast Facts: Pursuit: Award-winning author of twelve novels, translated into more than twenty languages worldwide. Definition of success: “Accomplishing what you set out to accomplish.” More below!   The Guardian describes his work as ‘compelling, unputdownable thriller writing of the very highest order.’ The Independent on Sunday calls him ‘a powerful talent’, and The Times talks of his ‘incisive, often beautiful writing.’ He is an author or twelve novels, has been… Continue Reading R.J. Ellory

Mary Alexandra Stiefvater

  Fast facts: Pursuit: acting, writing, producing Definition of success: “Leaving the world a better place than when you entered it.”     She got her break on The Late Show with David Letterman – not a bad first rung on the acting ladder – and from there went on to appear in The Mentalist, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. As well as a… Continue Reading Mary Alexandra Stiefvater

Mark Coker

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Founder and CEO of ebook publishing platform Smashwords Definition of success: “Doing a job for which you have passion, and that provides you enough income for food, shelter, vacations and savings.”         Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Oyster, Kobo: if you’ve shopped at any of these ebook retailers there’s a good chance the book you purchased was published using the super easy, free to upload platform Smashwords.… Continue Reading Mark Coker

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