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I’m Matt Kruze, author of a handful of crime thrillers, seeker of fulfillment. I’ve always found myself drawn towards people at parties who had achieved something. It didn’t matter what – perhaps they were good at sport, or had achieved a life goal. Maybe they were approaching celebrity status. I began to wonder if I was perhaps a little in awe of those who seemed to have found their destiny.

But then it dawned on me, and in one of those rare eureka moments the mists parted and I became aware that I was a student of success. It wasn’t fuelled by envy, or any kind of inferiority; I just wanted to understand the concept. I mean, it’s not exactly easy to put into words, is it? So I thought: rather than try to interpret and quantify it, I would speak to as many people as I could who had at least pursued their dreams.

And then, perhaps, we’ll all get a better insight into this mysterious, often evanescent entity. And hey: if you’re chasing a dream, why not take a few lessons from those who’ve done it before you.