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John Peters

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Former fast-jet pilot, Gulf War POW, author and speaker. Definition of success: “Contentment”. More below.    I’ve got to that point now with The Secrets of their Success that I don’t have to hound prospective guests into appearing. It was different starting out of course, but with the increasing public stature of each personality featured, so the next one is all the more agreeable to sharing their story. I’m… Continue Reading John Peters

Mark Inglis

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Only double amputee to summit Mount Everest, Paralympic silver medallist, public speaker, internationally awarded winemaker and more Definition of success: “Turning stumbling blocks into the stepping stones of life.”     Some people are destined to succeed in life, no matter the setbacks. In fact, some seem to thrive on setbacks. They re-label them ‘challenges’, fashion ladders from hurdles, and on they go. Today’s guest is one such… Continue Reading Mark Inglis

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