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Trent and Gordana Whiddon Part 2

Every time I hear from Trent and Gordana the same thought goes through my mind: How do they fit it all in? British readers will know Trent from BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing during which he partnered Pixie Lott. It was an event, both televised and as a stage show, in which he and Gordana featured prominently, but life for the couple as dancers began long before Strictly, as I discovered in… Continue Reading Trent and Gordana Whiddon Part 2

Frances Ruffelle

Frances Ruffelle finished tenth for Great Britain in 1994’s Eurovision Song Contest. Doesn’t sound like much of a stellar intro does it? Allow me to qualify. Firstly, and perhaps of least significance, we Brits are not viewed kindly by the continental voters. In fact in the last decade of Eurovision we’ve finished just once inside the top ten, and more often than not (yes, literally) outside the top twenty. Tenth… Continue Reading Frances Ruffelle

Bill Whiddon

Sometimes I like to delve into the past, take a look at success in its inception. Either by asking where it all began, or trying to catch a successful musician or actor just at that point where they are on the cusp of greatness. But then it dawned on me: to really grasp where success comes from, who better to canvass than the parents? And in this instance, with Father’s Day… Continue Reading Bill Whiddon

Ato Boldon

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Four-time Olympic medal winner, World Champion, IAAF Ambassador, NBC Broadcaster etc.. Definition of success: “Success is when someone pays you well to do something you’d do for free.” Sunday 12th August 2001. Edmonton, Canada: arena for the IAAF World Championships. At a few minutes after 5pm sprinters from eight nations settle into their starting blocks for the 4×100 metre relay. USA are favourites, and although they will subsequently be… Continue Reading Ato Boldon

Trent Whiddon & Gordana Grandosek

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Professional dance couple Definition of success: “Being able to do what you love every day.”     If you’re a Brit like me, you probably know Trent Whiddon as the professional dance partner of Pixie Lott on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. But this is merely a veneer, below which you’ll find layer upon layer of achievement and success. You’ll also find a real-life partner, Gordana, whose role in the duo… Continue Reading Trent Whiddon & Gordana Grandosek

Evan Jarvis

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Poker player, tutor, mentor, tournament winner. Definition of success: “Adding value to the world.”   Do you like poker? I do. I mean – I really do. Playing with friends and family, on-line – you name it, I’m into it. When I open up YouTube I’m assailed by countless suggestions for World Series of Poker videos I ought to watch. In fact, when I went to Las Vegas for… Continue Reading Evan Jarvis

Laura Sullivan

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Grammy winning composer/recording artist Definition of success: “Setting a well-defined goal and achieving it.”       In the few months that The Secrets of their Success has been live, I have to say it’s been somewhat overwhelming to witness such a willingness to open up from so many prestigious guests. In a short space of time it’s been my honour to host MBEs, best-selling authors, multiple Olympic… Continue Reading Laura Sullivan

Chemmy Alcott

  Fast Facts: Pursuit: Four time Winter Olympian, Right To Play Ambassador and TV presenter Definition of success: “Knowing you have done your personal best – tried as hard as you could and ticked every box.”   She’s a four time Winter Olympian, the first British woman to qualify for the World Cup finals, and at her peak was ranked eighth in the world. She has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, hosted her own… Continue Reading Chemmy Alcott

Leslie Marshall

  Fast facts: Pursuit: Nationally syndicated talk show host, blog columnist, TV news contributor Definition of success: “When you have accomplished all you have set out to do. And I mean that personally, professionally, socially as well.”   My next guest is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Fox News contributor, blog columnist for US News & World Report, and guest blogger for Politix. Owner of her own show, one of… Continue Reading Leslie Marshall

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