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Hannah Maundrell

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Editor in Chief at  Definition of success: “Doing something that makes you happy, achieving what you want to and enjoying the ride.” I’m not sure any of us pursues the same daily grind, but I’d have money on the fact that I’m not alone in eating my cornflakes in front of the morning news. With me, it’s often no more than a sequence of flickering images and snatches of speech… Continue Reading Hannah Maundrell

John Peters

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Former fast-jet pilot, Gulf War POW, author and speaker. Definition of success: “Contentment”. More below.    I’ve got to that point now with The Secrets of their Success that I don’t have to hound prospective guests into appearing. It was different starting out of course, but with the increasing public stature of each personality featured, so the next one is all the more agreeable to sharing their story. I’m… Continue Reading John Peters

Joshua Kozak

    Fast Facts: Pursuit: Founder and CEO of free online fitness centre HASfit. Definition of success: “Having pride in your work and never giving up.”   My next guest is the man behind Heart And Soul Fitness, better known around the world as HASfit. If like me you’re too busy to get to the gym, or if you just can’t justify the expense, you’ve probably put yourself through some of… Continue Reading Joshua Kozak

Leslie Marshall

  Fast facts: Pursuit: Nationally syndicated talk show host, blog columnist, TV news contributor Definition of success: “When you have accomplished all you have set out to do. And I mean that personally, professionally, socially as well.”   My next guest is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Fox News contributor, blog columnist for US News & World Report, and guest blogger for Politix. Owner of her own show, one of… Continue Reading Leslie Marshall

Mark Coker

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Founder and CEO of ebook publishing platform Smashwords Definition of success: “Doing a job for which you have passion, and that provides you enough income for food, shelter, vacations and savings.”         Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Oyster, Kobo: if you’ve shopped at any of these ebook retailers there’s a good chance the book you purchased was published using the super easy, free to upload platform Smashwords.… Continue Reading Mark Coker

Captain Tom Bunn MSW, LCSW

Fast Facts: Pursuit: Founder and President of SOAR, treatment in fear of flying. Definition of success: Succeeding where others have failed – see below!     Even if you’re not afraid of flying, there’s a good chance you know someone who is. Reports suggest around one in every five of us suffers from aviophobia, and if you’re one of them you’ll know that sensation of sheer terror as you dig… Continue Reading Captain Tom Bunn MSW, LCSW

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